Why George Soros is celebrated

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest. He left Budapest to go and live in England in the year 1947. He has a degree from London School of Economics and a MBA in philosophy. George started his career as a merchant in England banks where he got a view on how the bank operated and its businesses. The knowledge and skills he got from philosophy applied in his real life where he made a market value of securities and swapping stocks.During 1970, George formed his own fund called, Soros Fund Management through which he became the most prosperous investor in the history of U.S Over the years, Soros has been donating billions of money to certain institutions such as Open Society Foundation. The donations are used to minimize poverty and improve the transparency and on scholarships across the world. He has also paid fees for the students who were discriminated by their skin color among many other reasons.

George Soros has been a peace maker also of the transition from communism to capitalism in Europe. He has also established one of the largest higher education benefactions to the Central European University. George has a huge impact on politics as he supports the Democrats and his political philanthropy made him a European nationalist. George Soros gave out 18$ billion to his Open Society Foundation which made it the second largest donation ever made by a private donor to a single institution. Open society is the second leading philanthropic organizations in U.S. The Foundation promotes democracy and also focuses on human rights in more than 100 countries.It has also invested in programs to protect same gender relationships and minimize the abuses by the police in whichever situation. As the wealth of George continued to grow, he began funding to promote democracy and human rights. This is the point where the establishment of the Open Society foundation took place in 1984.He defended the democratic governance, issue of free expression to the public and earning respect to each person in the country.

Though his donations to the institution increased, he planned the funds for estate planning. Since the foundation was formed, it has worked with leaders across the globe no matter where they lived or discrimination was involved. Besides being the CEO of Open Society Foundation, Soros is also the owner of Central European University in Budapest which is the best and prominent center for studying social sciences. Through his leadership, Open Society Foundation have guided and supported organizations which fight for accountable government and communities that which encourage justice and equality.George Soros started his philanthropy back in 1979. Through his platform as a leader, he gave scholarship to black South Africans under apartheid. He went to supply his knowledge and skills in philanthropy in U.S, Africa and Latin America. George was one of the people who condemned the war on drugs which affected the population and the health problems were intriguing. Soros philanthropy has never changed as he continues to fight the world’s issues to be minimized to its level best.