The Fight by Frontera Fund To Retain DACA

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals protects almost a million unregistered youth immigrants in the US. DACA shields qualified immigrants who came to the US as kids from deportation and gives them a work permit. These youths are given a social security number and a two-year contract to work in the U.S which is subject to renewal. They are also free to acquire a driving license in most of these states and enjoy the benefits of subsidized in-state school fees.

The immigrant program by DACA has brought a lot of benefits to the U.S with almost all of these youths working, studying or engaged in both at the same time. The colleges and universities they have enrolled in have also been able to get a lot of money from them. The government as well hugely benefits as a result of the higher taxes that they pay. Their earnings are spent in acquiring different assets like houses, cars and other things like any ordinary citizen which is a good boost to the US economy.

DACA however, has faced attacks from different groups for their operations with some of the groups citing insecurity. An example of the attacks are from the GOP group who have attacked DACA on several occasions. The attorney general of Texas has also threatened a legal action if the US administration does not stop the organization from operating. The attorney together with eight of his colleagues and a governor is proposing an abolishment of the group, any future operations and even cancellation of any intended renewals. DREAMers together with advocates have also followed suit.

Frontera Fund which was founded by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, are however fighting to protect this group permanently through a legal process. Frontera fund is an organization that supports groups fighting for various human rights such as freedom of speech and migrant rights. To be able to access this program by DACA, you must have been in the US before your 16th birthday; you were physical in the US by the time you were applying; you have no criminal records among other requirements.