Talk Fusion, Featuring WebRTC

Talk Fusion has released an improved version of Live Meetings, a program that assists real-time communications. People use smartphones, PCs, or tablets to send one-way videos or conduct video conferences with up to 15 hosts and 500 participants.

The new version offers a user-friendly interface, smooth video and distortion-free audio, security for presenters and participants, and “waiting rooms” where hosts can test the system and prepare for presentations.

It uses the WebRTC system, which improves video and audio communications. According to Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina, no similar technology is as good as WebRTC. He intends to add it to all Talk Fusion programs.

Talk Fusion leads the industry in WebRTC software development and is the only company of its kind to facilitate WebRTC-based conferences with 500-plus participants. The company is committed to superior reliability and quality even while striving to be first to release new technology.

Web-RTC is convenient, saves time and improves compatibility. Adobe Flash Player and other plugins are unnecessary. Eliminating plug-ins streamlines the setup process, makes WebRTC more efficient and reduces hassles. New users can join conferences on time, without worrying about delays in installation, downloads, and processing. The recording technology does not require separate downloads; users access it through browsers. Learn more:

With Talk Fusion’s applications, commercial users can increase revenues and retain customers. Using Video Suite, businesses can easily include videos in advertisements.

CEO Bob Reina

Talk Fusion founder, and CEO Bob Reina is a former police officer. He entered the sales profession as a means of supplementing his income. Discovering that he had a talent for sales, he left the law enforcement profession to focus on network marketing.

Mr. Reina thought of Talk Fusion in 2004 and launched the company in 2007. He collaborated with his friend Jonathan Chen to develop Talk Fusion’s first product, Video Email. He continues to release new software and introduce effective marketing strategies.

Bob Reina and Talk Fusion contribute to several charitable causes, including an orphanage in Indonesia and Tampa Bay’s Humane Society. Also, associates are permitted to give free Video Suite software to charities of their choice.