Sentient AI Offering E-Commerce Personalization Features for E-commerce Websites

The world of e-commerce has been changing at a massive pace and is primarily due to the advancement of the technology that has been happening in the past decade. Many new technologies are hitting the market that has made the lives of people more comfortable when it comes to shopping as they can merely shop across various platforms, whether it is their phone, laptop, and PC. The e-commerce business has also been booming because of the customer-centric nature of most of these e-commerce companies that are trying to lure the customers by providing better products and services.

As the time is passing by, new trends are coming up to make e-commerce websites more accurate, reliable, and user-friendly. One of the new ways that the e-commerce companies have been trying to provide the customers with better customer experience is by integrating the e-commerce personalization features. It means that every time you visit the site or the mobile application, every product you see is featured there as per your style, preferences and past orders.

It happens because the e-commerce personalization is powered by artificial intelligence technology that has the power to calculate the enormous amount of data sets within milliseconds. It means that the AI technology records every move of the customer starting from the products they are watching, what they have bought in the past, the preferred colors, the selected sizes, the chosen price range, and more.

The e-commerce personalization makes sure that your entire experience at the site is flawless and you have showcased a bulk load of products that suit your requirements and style. It helps in increasing the sales of the company and providing customers the convenience of shopping online without having to spend hours on end. The AI technology considers few things when recommendation or personalizing the experience for the customers, including third-party navigation, buying preferences and behavior, demographics, and more. These factors help with achieving accuracy when personalizing the shopping experience for the customers.


The best part is that the information and data that the AI technology gathers about the customers through their experience with the website is then processed to feed personalized data through various channels, including e-mails, social media, pop up, or even text. Sentient AI is the market leader in providing e-commerce personalization feature to the online retail websites powered by artificial intelligence technology. Sentient AI has helped many companies increase their sales and develop an overall e-commerce experience that is seamless and user-friendly.