Marc Sparks: An Inspirational, Motivational Success Story

Dallas, Texas based entrepreneur Marc Sparks is known for many things. Many know him for the more than 60 companies in a wide range of industries with which he has been involved. Others know him because of his commitment to philanthropy and the many generous donations he has given to an array of causes and organizations. There are people that are impressed by his willingness to mentor, guide and provide money and other resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. There are others that are moved by his can-do attitude, tireless work ethic, humility and gratitude to God for his success. Learn more:


But a growing number of people are becoming familiar with his story through his recently released book ‘They Can’t Eat You’. The book traces Marc Sparks’ life from an Austin, Texas high school student who struggled to maintain a ‘C’ average to a successful entrepreneur with a net worth in the millions. Sparks says he is often asked why he wrote the book. Some assume it’s just another way for him to make money. Others speculate that he wrote the book to boost his ego by getting even more fame than he already has. But Marc Sparks said he was motivated by neither money nor ego when he wrote ‘They Can’t Eat You’. Learn more:


He explained that his goal for writing the book is to motivate others, give them confidence and help them to realize it’s possible to turn obstacles into opportunities. Sparks points out in the book that his road to success did not go in a straight line. It had twists and turns. He explains that people can potentially learn more from his failures than from his successes. Those failures forced him to identify his mistakes, make improvements, redouble his efforts and sharpen his focus. It made him reassess his methods and realize he had to persevere if he truly believed in his business idea. Learn more:


The subtitle of Marc Sparks’ book is ‘My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success‘. And the path Sparks took really was unusual. Largely untrained and uneducated, he made up for it by his willingness to work hard and smart and his ability to learn on the fly. According to Marc Sparks the most important reason behind his success is the grace of God. The faith it took for Sparks to succeed is another of the book’s powerful messages. The book shows Marc Sparks stepping out on faith confident God would make a way when Sparks could not see a way himself. It’s a theme that runs through his entire life.


The book took Marc Sparks over 3 years to complete. It’s just another example that the former ‘C’ student is able to overcome any obstacle to success.