Jose AuriemoNeto’s Brilliant Transformations in Conjunction with JHSF

JHSF was started in 1972, and it is involved in real estate where it identifies areas and turns them into luxurious developments. In Brazil, JHSF is the leading company in the real estate sector with enchanting developments such as the shopping center, hotels, and restaurants. The company is known for its eye, as it can pinpoint new opportunities emerging in the markets and make use of them appropriately. JHSF has its roots reaching to areas such as Miami in the USA, Sao Paulo, New York in the USA, Manaus and Punta del Este in Uruguay. It is evident that the company is international as well, and it has four business units, namely: the Shopping Center, Airport, Fasana Hotel & Restaurants and lastly the Incorporation.

JHSF concerning shopping centers engages in building and managing of commercial towers and shopping malls. Some of the shopping malls that the company has worked on include Catarina Fashion Outlet in Sao Roque, Shopping CidadeJardim in Sao Paulo and others. In Brazil, the company is the first one to integrate hotels as part of their activities. As mentioned earlier about Airport as a unit in the enterprise, JHSF is on the verge of developing the first international executive airport in Sao Paulo. The airport will be called the Sao Paulo Catarina Executive Airport.

The company was once headed by Fabio Auriemo, the father of Jose AuriemoNeto. Jose AuriemoNeto then found interest in the whole business when he saw the 80,000 square meters space on the border of the Marginal Pinheiros. According to him, the area would be magnificent for building a luxury project, and the father objected at first. However, Jose did not give up, and he convinced his father, today the Marginal Pinheiros was transformed to the ParqueCidadeJardim. The complex has a shopping mall that has 180 stores in it, four offices and nine residential towers although one part is of it will be made into apartments and the other side to a hotel. Jose currently holds the Chairman, president, and CEO positions of JHSF and under his leadership; the company has transformed many areas into exceptional and outstanding complexes of luxury. Click here to know more.