How Fabletics has Risen to the Top

Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s workout clothing line. It has overtaken the fashion clothing industry. It offers fitness clothes that are not only fashionable but affordable. The workout clothes are stylish and comfortable. Customers like brands that are aspirational. The convenience and membership opportunities of Fabletics make a powerful combination for the site. The strategy of the company has been paying off. There are plans to open more stores as soon as possible.


Fabletis is a fashion-forward brand that is designed to be inclusive and empowering. Since its creation in 2013, Fabletics has grown in a $250 million company. For an actress with no business background, it was appealing. Kate Hudson has a very active lifestyle and doesn’t take herself seriously. After she became a partner, she immersed herself in every aspect of the company. She took on reviewing budgets and picking strategies. She is heavily involved in the design process and works to make sure that designs stay fresh and new. She has also spearheaded an effort to make sure that communication remained a priority for the company.


Fabletics focuses on after-sale service. They have enjoyed rising popularity as a monthly subscription model. After signing up on their website, users of the site are requested to take a survey. This survey allows Fabletics to match the user with their preferred fitness clothes.


The reverse showroom strategy is part of a strategy that targets online shoppers. These users shop online and decide to buy in physical stores. This specific technique has seen an increase in Fabletics members, it has increased brand loyalty, and creates positive relationships with other markets. Fabletics has integrated their website and on-site stores. This allows users who shop in-store and online to save their information across both shopping experiences. This has also led to an increase in members for the Fabletics site.


Fabletics understands that displaying the right content in person, along with showing it on the screen, is important to create the customer’s journey of the brand. The brand is built off of the idea of user preferences to elevate satisfaction.


It is impossible to create a brand of fashion today without thinking about how to compete with Amazon. Amazon controls 20% of the fashion industry. A company like Fabletics is defined by an exclusive product, technology, user date science, and scaling the company with ROI media. Creativity doesn’t hurt either.


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