Glen Wakeman – A Prosperous Global Business Executive, Writer, and a Great Investor

After pursuing a career in business and finance, Glen Wakeman co-founded a SAAS Company in 2015. He is the current CEO at LaunchPad Holdings. Glen graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance in1981 from the University of Scranton. In 1993, he attended the Chicago University where he pursued an MBA in Finance. Afterwards, he began a prosperous profession at P&L at GE Capital where he got Business Development Positions. His ambition to exercise his skills enabled him to earn the position.

During his lengthy career, he has transformed several businesses that comprise $15 billion in assets and more than 17,000 staff members (About). Glen Wakeman deals with startups, startups’ guidance, divestitures, M&As, new market, and exponential growth among others. Glen firmly believes that with the utilization of several proven performance mechanisms success and development can be achieved. These performance mechanisms include risk management, human capital, leadership, execution, and governance.

Glen has been able to share his experience having to be in the field of investment and writing through blog posts and social media platforms. He shares information about administration & management, emerging markets, strategy, global financial matters and more. He currently counsels Sitter Bees and Dream funded and has assisted several C-level managers. In his blog posts and social media platforms, Glen Wakeman regularly blogs topics about rising of capital, world affairs, advice on angel financing, and business transformation. He is enthusiastic about growth, innovation and executive development. Having worked in more than 30 different regions and living in six different countries across the world, Glen has been acknowledged throughout his whole career.

LaunchPad Holdings primarily deal with ensuring that businesses men and entrepreneurs design ideas that are achievable through a wholly automated program service. LaunchPad’s user base has continually been recording exponential growth and has become national. Throughout his executive profession, Glen has always been enthusiastic about enhancing company agility and its staff to establish businesses. He believes that this can be achieved by utilizing the five proven mechanisms of performance.