Four Decades Of Success At Bradesco With CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the chief executive officer at Banco Bradesco. He is one of the long-serving and loyal persons in the company with over four decades of continual working experience. Luiz Carlos Trabuco is also the fourth president at Bradesco, an office that represents the power of this great company. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has held several managerial positions in the company that holds more than R $900 billion worth of assets and an excess of 27 million subscribers.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born and raised in Marilia. He now serves as the standard of leadership at Bradesco through his trajectory leadership skills and style of governance. Luiz Carlos Trabuco undertook his degree and graduated from the faculty of Sciences, Philosophy, and Letter of Sao Paulo. He also graduated from Sao Paulo with Socio-psychology at Fundacao School of sociology and politics.

Early in his career, Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked at the bank when he was only 18 years in 1969. He also held other positions in the firm before he became the president four decades later. Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the department director in 1984 and later the Managing Director Executive in 1998. In 1999, Luiz Carlos Trabuco became the executive vice president. He fully took over the overall management of Bradesco Seguros in 2003, and he retained this place until he was later appointed the president in the company.

Under Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s management, Bradesco Seguros underwent enormous expansion and doubled its scale of operations within six years. The company increased its asset value from R $ 32 billion in 2003 to R $ 78 billion in 2008. Similarly, the return on equity increased from 22% to 29% within the first fiscal year of Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s leadership. He progressively maintained this high score throughout his tenure registering at least 27% in return on equity.

The success at Bradesco Seguros is among the key factors that enabled Luiz Carlos Trabuco to compete favorably with other prospective presidential candidates. After Luiz took over as the new president and replacing the retired president, Lazaro Brandao, the world’s most respected banker, Luiz Carlos Trabuco proceeded with Lazaro’s expansions cycles that resulted to several acquisitions.

Bradesco acquired Banco Cidade, Ceara banks, Maranhao, Zogbi, financial companies Finasa, JP Morgan’s assets management arm in Brazil, Deutsche Bank, and BBVA. These acquisitions brought about the need of harmonizing different bank languages and cultures to make sure efficiency is easily met at Bradesco.

Bradesco has built a culture of success, and it is for this reason that the names of the vice president at Bradesco were specially mentioned during Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s succession process. This mentioning of the company’s pioneers was also equally an honor to the four decades of experience in banking industry.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has greatly contributed to the overall organic growth at Bradesco. Having attained the required levels of geographical expansion, the executive is now focused on banking inclusion. The bank has managed to increase its subscribers from 22 million to 27 million with an average of 6,000 new accounts a day. With the same period, savings accounts increased by 13 million to 50 million in number. Moreover, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has increased on the service network and agencies which rose from 3,500 to 5,000.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco carefully analyzes and follows all the details on Brazilian social mobility. According to the report released by the company executive, over 100 million people are expected to join the company’s consumer market by 2025.

In summary, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an exemplary leader with an excellent track of record in the commercial area and business performance. Luiz Carlos Trabuco came up with the idea of a private pension area, served as the chief financial officer, and served as a marketer among other roles. All these demonstrates his competence and career experience.