End Citizens United Helping Make The U.S. Election Finance Laws More Accountable And Transparent

The election system of the United States has been in question for a long time now, especially after the decision made by Federal Election Commission to allow funds to flow into the election without accountability or transparency to the people of the country. It allows the elections to be rigged in a way that would never be known to the ordinary citizens of the country, and this stands in stark contrast to why elections are held in the first place. The interest of the population of the country would sit at the bottom of the priority list of the people who are elected in this sort of election system, even though at the outset it might seem otherwise.

End Citizens United is a Political Action Committee that was formed to protest against the decision made by the Federal Election Commission and is also fighting an ongoing legal battle to overthrow the decision made by F.E.C. There is no big money involved in the operations of the EUC, and it runs on the grassroots donations made by the everyday people of the country. The primary agenda of End Citizens United is to help champion the fundamental cause of concerns of the citizens of the country, back the political candidates who support the growth of the people and upheld the laws that are for the people. End Citizens United is firmly against the flow of unaccountable money into the country’s election system and aims to overthrow that decision soon.

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Currently, End Citizens United is aiming at supporting the legitimate political candidates who are working to secure the interests of the people in the Senate. In its endeavor, it is presently supporting the Democrat Doug Jones against Roy Moore in the Special Election to be held in December for the Senate. EUC believes that Doug Jones is the right person to represent the causes EUC stands for in the Senate and work for the people and their empowerment. The profile of Roy Moore itself speaks volume against why Doug Jones, supported by EUC, is a better candidate. Roy Moore has connections to the organizations that have for long spent big money to sway the natural outcome of the elections. Roy Moore has also in the past been removed from his office for putting forward his personal views over the laws of the land, and even trying to influence the attorneys and the judge.

End Citizens United is planning to launch a nationwide campaign for every election to be held in the country, whether it is a district or regional election or the Presidential Election. EUC aims to ensure that the right person is elected to decide the future of the country. EUC has a very transparent funding mechanism and has a system in place to make sure that it doesn’t lose the trust of the country’s population.