Comprehensive- Effective ADHD Treatment

ADHD is a difficult diagnosis to live with no matter how old the patient is that has it. But it is far from being the stigma for a lifetime that it used to be. In fact, today more and more treatment options are available for people who struggle with ADHD. Read more about Neurocore at

Traditionally, the treatment methods for ADHD include some form of prescription medications combined with some counseling or training. These results can offer a wide range of relief for patients. For some people, medications for ADHD have been a life saver. But often the prescription medications have some side affects and are only partially effective.

But there is a treatment that has been proven to not only be effective in treating ADHD in a non-pharmaceutical way, but it has in some cases been able to eliminate the ADHD symptoms completely from the patient. While this not a guarantee, this treatment has given complete abatement of symptoms in some patients and good wide ranging improvement in other patients. This is has proven true no matter what the age of the patient is.

The treatment is known as Biofeedback and Neurofeedback. One mother who used the treatment for her son who was diagnosed with ADHD found that after 40 sessions her son had experienced “a 180 turnaround and is doing amazing! His moments of being frustrated over simple tasks has changed into him talking about how he feeling much happier in his ability to manage his thoughts and complete his tasks.”

Most professionals who treat ADHD like to see their patients use a combination of prescription medications and Neurofeedback and Biofeedback. Today, ADHD is said to effect 11% of all children ages 4-17, and the success rates are higher with this combined treatment than with patients who only use medications. That is why this combination of therapeutic treatments has become a much greater part of the success stories of ADHD patients throughout the country. Because the Neurofeedback and Biofeedback treatments have little to no side effects by contrast to the prescription medications that treat it, both treatment forms should be integrated into any long term treatmenby plans.

The Neurocore ADHD clinical treatments help teach people how to breath deeper with Biofeedback and to chart and reprogram brain activity through Neurofeedback. This comprehensive combination approach is available for people of all ages. In general, this therapeutic approach can be summarized as brain reprogramming and training to help the brain to automatically know how to correct the overactive tendencies that ADHD creates.


The Biofeedback And Neurofeedback Therapeutic Process

Neurocore’s clinic’s therapy rooms are quiet and designed to promote calm thought processing. The patients are hooked up to electrodes on their heads and ears. This is to help chart their heartrate, breathing and brain waves while they watch a movie. It becomes a positive reinforcement training. The retraining techniques of the brain activity levels begins when a patients’ brain activity is calm and balanced. There is a movie connected to their thought streaming that plays uninterrupted on a large screen when they are calm and balanced. By contrast, the movie shrinks or pauses if the patient’s brain activity or breathing becomes imbalanced. Over time, this cognitive training helps the brain to learn to autocorrect the imbalances and reduce the ADHD symptoms without high doses of prescription medicines. Read more about Neurocore at