Competitive Craft Beers by Eli Gershkovitch

In Canada, most people love the taste they receive from Canadian craft beers. Craft beers have become popular because of itshigh demand. They are among the top high alcoholic beverages for the young and the old. Mass-market domestic breweries are recording slight decrease in some customers as per what the market stands in Canada. Craft beers come in a diversity of flavors that people appreciate.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

In the past, craft breweries were referred to as micro-breweries. Cameron’s brewing which featured three great craft beers received an award as the leading factory during the U.S. Open Beer Championship competition in 2017. Some of the competitive craft beers are:

  • Red Acer Pale Ale- Are the best and more bitter than regular pale beers. It is added extra hops in U.K to keep it fresh to get to British soldiers in India.


  • Glutenberg Belgian Double-A gluten-free beer made of barley and at time s wheat. It is friendly and competitive in the market.


  • Weissbier-These craft beers are low and light on the aftertaste. They are made of wheat. Weissbier means wheat beer in Baravia.


  • Nutcracker Porter- An example of porters which are dark like stouts but are sweeter and less bitter.


Other examples of craft beers are:

  • St-Ambroise Oatmeal Stout
  • Saison Station 16
  • La Fin du Monde
  • Meade
  • Blueberry Cream Ale
  • Dooryard Organic Ale
  • Holy Smoke Scotch Ale
  • Oranje Weiss
  • Wee Heavy Scotch Ale among others


Eli Gershkovitch serves as the chief executive officer of Steamworks Brewery. Eli is also a lawyer and a pilot. Steamworks started as a pub in 1995 and today has expanded to have several restaurants and bars serving different flavors of craft beers (CalgaryHerald). Despite Eli being calm and a quiet man, he is successful in the brewing business, and he hopes to revolutionize Canadian beer.


To remain productive in the brewing market, Eli Gershkovitch is always coming up with new ideas and implementing them. Steamworks’ products offer quality, quantity and affordable prices. Eli Gershkovitch believes in a motto that states “you grow to meet demand or demand will shrink to meet you.”